Legal experts, attorneys discuss Hanson domestic assault case

Parties discuss evidence as case unfolds

By Savanna Burchett and Walter Nuñez

The State of Michigan has indicted Ellen Hanson of “assault to cause great bodily harm” according to legal expert Scott Robe. The alleged victim is none other than Sam Hanson, Ellen Hanson’s husband. Legal experts Scott Robe and Lydia Mieczkowski were able to give an update on the case. Developments proceed through the IRAC (Issue, Rule, Application and Conclusion) forms to analyze the case. The prosecution team is assembling evidence to prove that Ellen Hanson committed domestic assault without a reasonable doubt, while the defense is gathering information to prove that Mrs. Hanson was acting in self defense. Both sides are working on their closing arguments which will be delivered Thursday night and Friday morning.

The defense released the fact that Mr. Hanson had an OVI (driving a vehicle while impaired) and was part of a medicare fraud involving phoney prescriptions. Mrs. Hanson, on the other hand, was charged for shoplifting in college. The couple had been married three years but lived together one year prior to marriage. Neither had been married before, and neither had children.

Both sides agree that a 10 inch knife was used. “It had to be big enough to defend herself,” claimed defense attorney Aiden Walsh. However, attorney Isabel Rolfe, from prosecution, commented that the knife was “big enough to go through [a man’s] body.”  “Mrs. Hanson is not guilty.” asserted defense attorney Isaac Golapoli. He continued to say, “No case is easy. We only take difficult cases, and we are going to put a lot of hard work into it.” The prosecution reported marital problems saying it was “dysfunctional” and claiming that there were communication problems. The couple reportedly visited the local bar, supporting the original claim from both parties that alcohol was involved.  The incident most likely occurred after they had returned home and were “safely” inside their home. Neither party offered a final comment.

The called witness are Sam Hanson, Ellen Hanson, Lee Martinian (bartender of the local bar which the Hansons visited) and Detective Michael Clancy (the officer who made the arrest). At 9:00 Wednesday morning, the pre-trial hearing will take place, followed immediately by a debriefing for both the prosecution and defense. The first trial is at 6:45, Thursday evening at the Washtenaw County Courthouse, and the second trial will be held at the Lansing City Hall Courthouse at 8:20 on Friday morning.