Ellen Hanson not convicted after hung jury

Prosecution presses to convict Hanson in retrial

By Walter Nuñez

After much argument and deliberation, the jury was hung 8-2 in favor of not guilty, but as they did not come to an unanimous decision, the defendant was pronounced neither guilty nor not guilty. Because of that, the Prosecution was given the permission to retry the case, which they will do this morning.
After the bailiff said “all rise”, the jurors entered the room and were sworn in, affirming that they specified the previously agreed to stipulations. Victoria da Sílva plunged head first into the case and explained it for the people. Not much has changed since previous articles released by The Leader. After Victoria explained the case and the prosecution team’s position, the teams began the teeter-totter of alternating attorneys questioning the witnesses. They discussed the definition of self-defense and what it would mean for the defendant to act in self-defense, as well as discussing what it would mean if the defendant was assaulting to cause great bodily harm. The most important questions the jury will have to reconcile are each of the following three tenants of assault: that there was physical injury, that the person was able to do great bodily harm and that they intended to do harm. As the prosecution had the burden of proof, they presented their evidence first, arguing that Ellen Hanson, the defendant, actually did intend to cause harm to her husband. After the three prosecution witnesses Sam Hanson, Detective Michael T. Clancy and a local bartender Lee Martunian testified, the defense was able to present their case to the jury. The Mrs. Hanson maintained that they she only acted in self-defense, not intending any harm to her husband and using her knife only to caution her allegedly abusive husband away. After the closings arguments were concluded, the jury retired to deliberate over the trial. The prosecution will retry the case Friday morning.