Hanson case

The tension rises as case nears trial

Savanna Burchett

Yesterday, the pretrial for the Hanson case took place, with both sides trying to keep the upcoming trial running smoothly by establishing all of their elements ahead of time. During the pretrial itself, the prosecution tried to strike the self-defense claim. However, Judge Maire was adamant that it had relevance to the case, stating, “Ellen Hanson is legitimately afraid,” so it can be expected for the defense to make the same claim tomorrow night. There will be a blood alcohol content test on file as evidence along with Mr. Hansons medical reports. A layout of the Hanson home and surrounding streets will accompany the evidence, along with the Ann Arbor police report taken by the officer who responded to the case.

“She just wanted to defend herself from her abusive husband,” defense attorney Isaac Gollapalli commented. Things began to heat up as prosecution attorney Will White boldly stated, “The defendant is guilty in fact of assaulting her husband, not in self-defense that night.” Gollapalli’s colleague, defense attorney Emily Bluck, believed things were moving forward quickly and was confident in the direction the case was going. As both parties are preparing for the upcoming trial, everyone involved is fully dedicating themselves, diving head first into the facts. When interviewed, the prosecution and defense both brought up very valid arguments. With a case like this, every argument counts in the search for the truth. When each side takes a stance against the other tomorrow night and battles for the jury’s favor, the truth, Ellen’s fate will finally be decided.