Oak explains core plans

What plans does Joel Mcdonald have in store?

By Seven Evans


Tuesday afternoon, the Oak Party hosted a press conference in the music hall. They stated that Joel Mcdonald wishes to protect Michigan’s students. He also intends to put “individual education” into place. In addition, Mcdonald hopes to arm teachers with concealed carry firearms at all times in preparation for case of a school shooting. These teachers would have background checks and proper training. They also stated that in the United States of America, there is at least one school shooting per a week. The Oak Party then declared that the state would pay for the mandated firearms. Oak then switched to education, saying that they wish to repeal common core teaching and instate individualized education. “It will cover both sides of the spectrum,” Brielle DeNooyer said. The party explained McDonald’s values, stating that he wants the state to have rights and to not be regulated by the federal government. There was no final answer on the question of where the money for more teachers would come from. They stated briefly that Michigan should not be pushed by the police into laws that the Michigan citizens do not want. Joel McDonald wants to maintain state’s rights, according to the Oak Party.