Is Oak solid?

Oak divides and conquers


By Seven Evans


In preparation for the debate, each of the Oak party members were either taking one of the top issues or familiarizing the public on Joel I. McDonald. One of McDonald’s focuses was to protect the schools from shootings by arming teachers with firearms. Allison Rigterink stated, “23 school shootings in the United States in the first 21 weeks of the year.” McDonald is against the Death Penalty. Other focuses of his campaign are the Michigan budget and cell phone tracking in emergencies. Oak Party wanted to try the perspective of divide and conquer. They felt that by doing work and research separately, they would be able to focus on each of their issues well. Pre-debate polling indicates that McDonald had the support of 20.6% of the voting population.

Despite their approval rating falling to 11.8% after the debate, the Oak Party felt very confident that Joel I. McDonald is going to be the newly elected governor. During the debate, Oak stayed strong where they stood, rooted on the  Michigan budget. They also wished to add individual education, as Andrew Hubbard stated, “future of our schools is the future of our children.” In the end polls Oak went down 10%.