Pink is the new black

Who would be better? Pink Panther or Black Panther?

By Seven Evans


Everyone knows the iconic Pink Panther and, of course, the super Black Panther. I know your immediate thought, “Black Panther, of course, is better than Pink Panther.” He has superpowers, so he is obviously better. Well throw all your assumptions out the window. Now, if you think about it, Pink Panther has a tail to give him balance and round ears to help him hear better, and he is fuzzy. However, Black Panther has no tail or pointy ears, and he has merely fabric and vibranium. Come on! Why is he not fuzzy? Here is some more reasons why Pink Panther is better and would win in a fight. You know that Black Panther has that kimoyo bracelet that gives him the ability to activate his suit from his necklace. Also, Pink Panther is considered a magician and he is very sneaky. Not to mention he is also a cartoon, and cartoons can do anything. Pink Panther would steal the bracelet, deactivate the suit, steal the necklace and use it for himself. If that does not work, he could easily sneak into Shuri’s lab and steal many vibranium weapons.

Alright, who can sing me Black Panthers theme song on the spot? Likely no one. Okay, now who tell me what Pink Panthers theme song sounds like? Almost everyone can. You see now the Pink Panther theme song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the daymy goal is accomplished. For these reasons, the Pink Panther is superior to his Wakandan counterpart.