Pre-poll endgame

Campaigns give their final push


By Jack Hutchinson, Josh Price, Seven Evans and Ellie Kaiser

Yesterday the Elm Party promoted voters to vote for Darren J. Thomas. They traveled around and interacted with the games in the student mall. While they participated in pool, ping pong, foosball and meal times, they explained to the surrounding students about how great their candidate was, and what he will doing to help Michigan’s people. They believed that the best way to getting the students votes was to interacted with their voters on a daily basis. As always, they repeated their motto, “vote for Thomas.”  The Maple party was fairly relaxed prior to the election. They simply sat by and waited. When asked about how they felt this campaign went, they stated “Our team did very well. We were well gelled, and we did well.” Oak Party felt they were ending off strong and well. They are excited to find out the winner and wish luck to all teams. They sensed that they had a good position, as strategist Brielle DeNooyer stated, “whatever the outcome, we have campaigned well.” The Willow Party spent their time talking to the voters and giving some clarifications on their views. As a result, they felt like Callahan was strongly supported by the people. After that, the Willow Party simply had to wait and see what would happen in the election. Emma Williams commented that it is nice to no longer have the debate “looming over” them. Fellow campaign member, Emmanuel Dannug added, “It’s good to be on the other side of that hill.”