Andrews Announces New Product Following Steady Rise in Stock Value

With the new announcement of their product “Alpha,” Andrews Corp. embraces the low tech approach, in everything from their product line to their presentation slides

By Ayla Ferguson

“Not patching the present, feeding the future.” Is the motto of the Andrews Corp., and arguably this mentality is what made their stocks skyrocket. Rather than going for a quick cash plan, Victoria Harris Executive in charge of Research & Development said that Andrews, “…took the time to build a firm foundation.” She continued to say that this may be what made people trust and invest in them. As Andrews introduced their new product titled “Alpha” they will have three products on the market —Able, Asa and Alpha. These products are positioned to take advantage of the low tech market space. When asked “have you surrendered the high tech market to your rivals?” Josh Price Andrews Executive of Marketing responded by saying “Yes, the lowtech market is where the money is.” Andrew Brown Executive of Product Production affirms that the low tech market space is the place to be. He said “low tech makes up over 70% of the market demand.” This helped Andrews be the company most invested in between Digby in Andrews.