Attorneys Feel Confident About Their Cases

Attorneys share details on respective arguments

By Emma De Nooy

Monday, the attorneys involved in Shield v. Ogg wrote their closing arguments and continued to familiarize themselves with the case and searching out different leads. Both sides are confident their respective client is in the right. Ashton Smith, Esq., a defense attorney for Mr. Ogg says, “The case seems promising. This is a case of prescriptive easement which means that the owner of the road [Mr. Ogg] would lose the right to keep people off his road. He is in the right and fully justified in keeping the right to his land.” Mr Shield is arguing that under Michigan law according to the statutory period, he is allowed to continue using Ogg’s road since he has done so for 15 years. According to Jonathan Adair, Esq., another defense attorney for Mr. Ogg, Ogg gave Shield permission to use his road, but did not give him permission to use his road to haul lumber and other materials to Shield’s resort. The trial will take place Thursday and Friday.