Senators Develop Gameplans for Press Conferences and Committee Meetings

Senators share feelings on upcoming challenges

By Grace Curtin

The senators have prepared speeches to give to the press and are going face to face with their opponents. Sen. Chloee Herron claimed she is feeling nervous. “I’m really nervous, really nervous, like the nervous you get when you’re about to pee yourself, because I have to give an amendment tomorrow and it’s terrifying.” Many also feel similarly, including Sen. Emma Dolman, who said she is “nervous; I’m not sure if I am entirely prepared.” Sen. Majestic Brown said, “I’m very nervous because I don’t like speeches and I don’t like press conferences.” While some senators are feeling nervous, others are feeling confident. Sen. Benjamin Will said, “I feel pretty good, we got most of our stuff down like our worksheet stuff, and we’ve looked over our bills a good amount of time. I’m pretty sure everyone in my caucus understands it pretty well.” Others have similar feelings. “I’m confident; not in my work. I’m confident in myself.” After their press conference, lobbyists will come in and debate each bill, and give helpful information about the bill to each opposing and supporting side. After that the Senators will have a discussion with the opposing side about the bill.