Understanding the Dress Code (Opinion Piece)

By Emma De Nooy

With the trip to the Capitol on Friday, one important issue to cover is the dress code. This year, there has been some confusion as to what constitutes “in dress code” versus “out of dress code.” The vast majority of confusion has occurred among the girls in camp. As a result of this confusion, many girls have subsequently been dress coded. The biggest problem seems to be knees. Or rather, where is the knee? The LEAD dress code states: “skirts and dresses must touch the knee at all times.” Many girls think this to mean the skirt must touch the top of the knee. In actuality, this means the skirt must come to what most would have thought halfway down the knee. Joslyn Nelkie clarified, “Anatomically, your knee actually starts where one would think is halfway down the knee.” Thus the confusion. SSI has also taken creative style into consideration. “We’re not trying to constrict style…or trying to make them change their style.” In addition, Nelkie was quick to assure that they are not targeting girls. “Guys have a dress code too,” she said, “we’ve dress coded some guys as well.” When asked about the strictness of the dress code, Nelkie said, “It’s not a “modesty” thing. We’re trying to respect all different families and their views. We want to present SSI in a professional and modest manner.” In an age of rampant disrespect, this is a refreshing thing to see. In the words of Ian Lawson, “SSI wants to be above reproach.”