Jonathan Meyer

Hey y’all! Jonathan Meyer is the fifth child of six. All three older sisters are married and he has four adorable nieces. His younger sibling is a brother and his next oldest sibling has passed into heaven after fighting cancer for five years. He is a missionary kid and has lived overseas for seven and a half years of his life. He is more of a hands on kind of guy and likes whittling, sketching, playing with yo-yos, wood-burning, metal working, and arm wrestling. He also enjoys playing piano, reading books, has an excellent memory for jokes, riddles, one liners, and puns, and is also a prodigious coffee drinker. He, along with all his siblings, have been lifelong homeschoolers. Him and his younger brother have been martial artists of three different types for over four years. They currently hold a black belt in one discipline and are training for their second rank black belt as well as their first black belt in another discipline. He has been privileged to be on the media team for the past two years, and looks forward to bringing you the latest news this year.