Lawmakers Sworn Into Office

Representatives and senators prepare to discuss a wide variety of new legislation

By The Leader Editorial Staff

Sunday night, 38 state representatives and 15 state senators were sworn in by Justice J. Edward Muffett, and will begin work immediately. Each representative will serve over 80,000 constituents in their home districts, and each senator will represent approximately 250,000 residents. The House of Representatives is expected to take up legislation on a variety of topics, including a proposal granting wrongfully-imprisoned persons compensation for their time behind bars, a bill establishing penalties for distracted driving, and a measure dealing with bullying in schools. The Senate will be considering a constitutional amendment reinstating the death penalty in Michigan. This certainly is a grave issue. Additionally, senators will debate whether handguns ought to be allowed on university campuses, bound to trigger strong reactions on both sides. The newly sworn in legislators are expected to meet in caucus over the next few days to discuss strategies ahead of committee meetings scheduled for Wednesday. Both the House and Senate will convene at the Capitol for session on Friday. Justice Muffett encouraged representatives to take seriously the responsibility placed on their shoulders upon taking the oath of office, reminding them that their decisions will affect over ten million Michigan residents.