Seven Evans

Seven is a fun loving, silly girl. She enjoys skiing, ice skating, card games, joking with friends, acting, writing fan f iction and worship. Seven was born in Commerce Township, Mich. She moved to Utah to live in Park City when she was eight years old. While there she learned Slalom skiing and Freestyle skiing. She attended public school while there. In 2014, when she was almost twelve years old she moved back to Mich. She has been homeschooled and now attends West Highland Christian Academy. She will be a Junior this school year. While at West Highland Christian Academy she has been on the soccer team, robotics team and been in plays and skits. Her favorite play that she was in was called “Eyefellgloffenhootenanniemerryberrycrunch.” This past year she has picked up the hobby of cosplaying and now has switched to homeschooling. She played the part of the Witch Snitch in that play. When she grows up she wants to be either an engineer or voice actor in the film industry.