Freedom Senators Prepare New Legislation

This week senators are seeking to make a difference with new bills

By Mallory Ryan

This week, representatives of the Mich. legislature, will work together to legislate bills that they will fight for or against on the House Floor this coming Friday. As the week progresses, the presented bills will be overlooked strategically, studied and analysed thoroughly to gather information while preparing to defend and/or oppose the bills that are waiting to be passed or not. The caucuses that with be present at the debate on Friday or as the following: Adams Blue and Green, Jefferson Blue and Green, Madison Blue and Green, and Washington Blue and Green. The listed caucus groups will fight for the passing of certain bills, a few examples of the bills that will be debated on are: Raise Smoking Age, Adoption by any Couple, Prohibit Bullying, Cell Phone in Emergencies, Motorcycle Helmets, Stem Cell Research, Distracted Driving, and Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation, which will all be presented on July 26th.