House Pushes to Restrict Internet Use for Minors

Rep. James Muffett presents screen time limitation for minors, which features face recognition to block internet usage from 6p.m. to 6a.m.

By Josh Schick

The Franklin Red representatives presented and proposed their new Michigan New Generation Internet Safety Act which promises to limit evening screen time for minors for their benefit. Throughout the press conference, the representatives stated important facts about how screen interaction, blue light and time spent in front of a screen affect everyone. This bill will only apply to minors. Mr Muffet said, “nine out of ten teens agree that screens are a problem in their generations, with increased rates of depression, suicidal thoughts and low self esteem, which are all directly linked to the large amount of time spent on screens.” Questions about the plan resulted in the emphasis of the webcam detection system, and easy integration of the monitoring system to existing platforms. This resulted in the comment by Rep. Robert Viewer saying, the 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. restricted, “screen free time” for minors would be very healthy. During the conference Rep. Muffett said, “The government should be the ones your children hate.” When asked if screens affected adults the same, he said, “Oh yes it’s horrible, but they’re adults.” When asked about the problem of teenage beard development, he replied, “It has beard software.” When questioned if the system would be hard to download or access, he said it was simple and easy, and added, “It works like a phone, it works like an iPhone, amazing.” When asked about the trustworthiness of the software and monitoring system, he said “We are the government, we will keep it safe and secret, so that is why you can trust us.”