Liberty Committee Proposes New Legislation to be Voted on Friday

Caucuses Hoping for Big Changes in Laws

By Camille Guillen

T he Liberty Committee is presenting new legislation that will soon lawmakers will vote on. Liberty Blue’s proposed bill, Right to Try, would legalize a citizen’s choice to have the right to try new kinds of medicine and medicinal practices that have not been tested to completion. “The Right to Try is you personal decision on your life, and how you want to control it,” said Senator Nick Visscher. Liberty Green supports a bill titled Death Penalty, which, if enacted, would legalize capitol punishment as an acceptable form of sentancing, subject to exceptions. Of course, the bills are subject to change as the Senators pass amendments to them. Both caucuses stated that they were, on average, positive about the progress they had made, yet seemed more confident in the bill that they support. “I think we’re doing really well… we have a good handle on what we’re doing,” said Destiny Bennett.