Bangladesh Dominates Competition

Bangladesh wins Feats of Strength with 21 points, nearly doubling second place score

By Seven Evans

Yesterday, countries from around the world competed in the Feats of Strength. Twelve teams played three games: Rabbit Sticks, No Paddle Ping-Pong and Towers. Competition was fierce and unforgiving. In the end Bangladesh won with 21 points. Their team cheer blew judges and fellow competitors away with their team spirit. Other competitors believe there were reports of cheating within the game Towers. As Bangladeshi athlete Grace Curtin said “people were swinging their arms and hitting everyone.” Although it was confirmed that blocking was permitted, physical contact was not. Even though other athletes noticed the infractions it was not called out during the game. In the end Bangladesh brought home the gold not only for their performance in the games, but for their amazing team spirit.