Senate Amendments

Senators aim to amend bills “Healthy Eating in Schools,” “Death Penalty” and “Right to Try”

By Camille Guillen and Mallory Ryan

The senators are planning amendments to strike against their opponents’ bills during committee meetings. Freedom Blue Caucus will be presenting one amendment to be voted on. This amendment will have the schools not only take away “unhealthy” food, as specified in the bill, but also requires schools to provide “healthy” food for their students. Liberty Blue plans to propose an amendment that requires more evidence before sentencing a criminal to capital punishment. They will also be adding extra language to the bill that “brings clarification and helps establish that the people have a voice,” said Sen. Melanie Reagan. Liberty Green has two amendments ready for their committee meeting. One will only allow those who have a life expectancy of less than six months to try new and untested medicine treatments. The second amendment requires doctors to encourage patients with weak immune systems to avoid trying untested treatments in order to prevent potentially harmful results.