Business is Booming

The four major sensor companies give insight on how they will manage their businesses for the coming future

By Jared Elmers

The race for technological advancement has now begun. After separation from their father company, “Sensor Corp.” companies Andrews, Baldwin, Chester and Digby are ready to optimize their own way of growth. The Andrews Corp. believes they have what it takes to rise up to the top of the industry. As Product Manager, Heidi Henninger states, “…we take things very seriously.” Andrews Corp. hopes to accomplish a major increase of their product manufacturing by increasing the amount of factories. Though they are not the “top company,” Henninger believes they will reach this goal through their teamwork and communication skills. After all, they are aiming for the best, or as Henninger adds, “just as good”. The Baldwin Corp.’s hopes are high for their companies success. As Research and Development Executive, Joshua Norman states, “We’re still trying to figure things out. We have a long term strategy, and hope it will all work out in the end.” However, Normon stressed that not everything is left to chance. “We believe our effectiveness to work together as a team in our cognitive ability sets us apart from other companies.”The Chester Corp. believes the other companies are all starting at the same industrial level. For them, this means implementing innovative technology and lower labor costs to set them apart from the other companies. As Financial Executive Daniel Hawkes says, “We are working towards helping the public with our product so we are striving to further our technology.” Progress towards this goal has already been made as they are planning to release a new product, “Cruise” which is smaller, and more efficient than their current product, “Cake.” The Digby Corp. was hesitant to share details on the future plans. However, this doesn’t mean they didn’t have one. As Financial Executive, Isaac Kulju says, “We plan to capitalize on our past devices while utilizing the current new ones that we are planning this year.” By doing this, it will plan to maximize the capital that they make. Despite being all business, Digby Corp. doesn’t let that get in the way of morale. As Kulju details, “…we’re really passionate about what we’re doing. We have a lot of fun, yet we are still very serious…” So, the race is set. The finish line is six years away and all the companies are ready to take on the challenge. On Tuesday, the stock market will open. Investors will be given one thousand Muffettbucks to buy stock and invest in whatever company they see fit. After each year, the stock market will be presented in the Cafeteria area. Results will vary, but that’s only the risk and reward of the business world.

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