Baldwin Corp. Plans for Success

Presentation Winner of the LEAD Investors Summit Baldwin Corp. gives details on how their company will succeed

By Jared Elmers

At the LEAD Investors Summit, Baldwin Corp. triumphed against Chester Corp. with their presentation to attract potential investors. They claimed that with their exceptional teamwork and cognitivity, they were able to produce superior products which extends their customer’s satisfaction. Their main strategy focused on revising old products instead of introducing new ones. They claim that this gave them money to focus on improving automation to lower labor costs as well. Over their six year period, they created five products: Blob, Baker, BLOBB, BO$$, BOMB. Baker was their most reliable seller in the low-tech market. BLOBB became one of the best sales in the high-tech market. BO$$ and BOMB are their new products which as, Executive Josh Norman says, “…will maximize impact on both markets.”  Baldwin Corp.’s future will, as Norman states, “Always try to progress upwards…[and will] always shift and revise strategies.” They claim that when one invests in Baldwin, they’ll receive the best return on their investment. Baldwin has not lost any money, or had to take out any major emergency loans. Baldwin’s emphasizes reliability and customer support to show their importance. As Representative Achsah Hansel states, “[Their presentation] seemed very honest. They told us everything about what was going.” Norman says that stewardship is “of paramount importance.” Baldwin claimed further that “No options can deliver as well as Baldwin.” This mindset proves its worth as Baldwin wins the presentation competition against Chester Corp.