Chester Corp. Plods On

Chester Corporation presented in the LEAD Investors Summit against Baldwin Corp.

By Jared Elmers

Thursday evening, at the LEAD Investors Summit, Chester Corp. presented their plans to progress the status of their business. Chester Corp. focused on the values of employment and teamwork. They deliberately rejected automation in order to make more space for employment. As Executive Levi Facione says, “More robots means more time that it takes to produce products.” This correlates with their high tech sensor Captain, which is currently the best selling high tech sensor in the market according to the Chester presentation. Although their presentation started out rough, with many technical difficulties, Chester was able to provide a detailed report on their company’s statistics. As Executive Emma Wang stated, “We started with a capital of 5.6 million, sales at 41.5 million, and a profit of 1.4 million.” After their first six years, Chester ended with a capital of 14 million, sales at 95.8 million and profit at 4.8 million. Based on their previous years’ data, Chester predicts, “that our capital will reach 22.4 million, our sales at 155 million, and our profit at 8.2 million.” Their stocks are consistent with this data as their prices do continue to go up. However, customer support isn’t one of their strong suits, as stated by Representative Alena Hathaway. “Chester seemed to be more vague and maybe, not quite as prepared.” Chester lost the presentation competition to Baldwin Corp.