Digby Announces “New DAWN”

Digby claims their new product “Dawn” will be the most advanced product in the high tech market.

By Ayla Ferguson

Over the past six Years, Digby stated that their stock had performed so well and that many investors were surprised with the sudden drop in Digby’s stock value. Digby’s Stock shocked investors by dropping from $37.20 to $30.00. Digby explains the dip was planned and caused by the development of their new high tech product “DAWN.” They claim this product is faster, smaller and more affordable, making it the most advanced sensor on the market. Digby Executive Aeneas Kogo said “I promise DAWN will raise our stock [value] from $30 to $40.” Exec. Kogo also claimed the production cost for DAWN is approximately $27 per sensor and the sale price will start at “$30-$35, $37 or maybe over $40.” Digby also claims to be “the rulers of high tech.”  And when asked “have you surrendered the low tech market?” Exec. Kogo says “yes.”