Results are in

Stock prices have reached new levels and a winner of the Sensor Industry has been announced

By Jared Elmers

After twelve years of hard work and decisions, Digby Corp. triumphed in the Sensor Industry. Their emphasis on superior strategies and imperative teamwork abilities allowed Digby Corp. to end with an investment of 40%. With a combination of their old products and their new product Digby, Digby Corp. appealed to the high-tech market. Exec. Timothy Kogo stated that they completely “gave up the low market.” Though they did have a major drop in stock price, they were quickly able to pick up the slack in the next year. This correlates to the releasing of DAWN, a new high-tech sensor with is faster, smaller, and more affordable. With all their high tech products, Digby Corp. truly is “the rulers of the high tech [market].” Congratulations to Digby Corp.!