Representatives Visit Capitol

Legislators travel to Lansing in preparation for Friday session

By Grace Kingsley

Representatives toured the Capitol building in Lansing on Monday afternoon. Many legislators were thankful for the chance to see where they would be speaking, debating, and voting on Friday. Rep. Caleb Halder says, “It kinda gives me a feel of the room… the atmosphere helps to know what we’re going into.” Rep. Anna Matichuk says, “It kind of made me know where we’re going to be, and to kind of help with last minute jitters.” Most representatives said the Capitol trip was not only helpful, but also enjoy- able. Matichuk says, “I thought it was really fun to see our Capitol… and to kinda see where everything happens.” Several representatives shared that their favorite part of the tour was viewing the artwork, particularly the art in the Capitol dome. Rep. Nehemiah Jaster says, “It was unique seeing all the old features and paintings, especially in the dome.”