Senate Legislation

Senators discuss the concerns and potential problems within their bills

By Jon Meier

Monday, July 8th, Senators were interviewed about the concerns they have with their bills. Sen. Elaina Bruggner said she was very confident with the progress her caucus is making. Sen. Ben Will said that he was having some “trouble understanding and researching his bill.” Sen. David Hubbard who is sponsoring HJR H “Death Penalty” said that “This bill is a very sensitive bill and can be controversial because most people have extremly different personal beliefs.” He continued to say that personal beliefs can make these issues very controversial because some people think those who have committed murder should receive the death penalty. Others think that murderers should have a chance to redeem themselves. Sen. Joshua Aylward who is sponsoring HB 5474 “Handguns on University Campuses” stated that the main challenges his caucus will face are “understanding the opponents bill.” He said “another challenge is finding a way to make the bill easier to understand and finding good ways to convince people.”