Nicaragua Pulls Ahead of Competition

Nicaragua narrowly defeats Sri Lanka

By Jon Meier

After Yesterday’s Feats of Strength, the scores were added up and the clear winner emerged victorious. After a lot of sweating through the games, some disappointment of losing, and some excitement of winning, Nicaragua pulled through the smoke of a tie with Sri Lanka to prevail. Yesterday, the nations fought hard to win the different challenges, but some nations were more skillful than the other nations that they had to compete against. Every nation’s cheer varied because of the uniqueness of the team members. Aimee’s reaction to the different cheers was extraordinary. There was a rumor about some teams who claimed that other teams were cheating by using illegal protection for their towers; however, the rumors are false because it was clarified that it was not against the rules. Ultimate frisbee seemed to be too much for some people, as they injured themselves. Hopefully the injured will heal quickly and fully recover. Team spirit plays a very important part in scoring, as it is always a good thing to be of one mind as a team to complete a goal that has been set. There were some teams who achieved team spirit and there were others who struggled to get it perfected. The Feats of Strength were tough for all of the nations in their own ways but with determination and teamwork the events were completed with energy.