Phone Deprived Legislators

Legislators voice concerns over policy that bans personal phone use

By Brielle DeNooyer

Legislators seem to have mixed feelings about the phone ban during working hours. Although many expressed positive feelings towards the increase in productivity, some thought the phone ban made it more difficult for them to do research. Sen. Ava Abramowicz said, “having our phones can help us research for our bills and it makes it really difficult when you don’t have access to that information.” Sen. Grace Miller shared Abramowicz’s thoughts, saying, “when we’re trying to look up stuff it really creates a hassle going to the computer lab rather than just looking it up on the phone.” Many other legislators commented on the ease of accessing information from a phone and suggested lifting the ban because of how responsible they are. Sen. Paul Lohrmann said, “I think it’s a good rule but it should be the person’s responsibility to manage their time well.” Rep. Kasandra Wildfong said, “It’s a real inconvenience.” Although many legislators supported the removal of the ban, more than half of those interviewed said they were more productive without their phone.