Feats of Failure?

Point tally mistakes may bring a different outcome to the scoreboard

By Brielle DeNooyer

On Wednesday, part of the Mauritania National Team approached members of the media and claimed that Nicaragua had, in fact, not won Feats of Strength. Mauritania stated that they had played Nicaragua in No Paddle Ping Pong. According to them, they won by a large margin. But when they saw the paper, they realized that Nicaragua had a point in Ping Pong and they did not. This would mean that in the end, there never would have been a tie between Nicaragua and Sri Lanka. Upon further investigation, Mandy Jaster, the scorekeeper for Ping Pong, revealed that Mauritania and Nicaragua never faced off in the game. It appears that Mauritania played Kazakhstan in Ping Pong and won against them. This point for Mauritania was misrecorded in one of the graphs that was published in the Wednesday edition of the Leader. The total of the points is still correct as far as Mauritania and Nicaragua go. In addition to the discrepancies in Ping Pong, it was discovered that Sri Lanka should have one less point than recorded. In the game Towers, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh tied for second place. According to the rules, first and second place both received one point towards the total score. Because Sri Lanka and Bangladesh tied, they both received one point, although in the end, Bangladesh had the taller tower. Perhaps this taller tower should have been used as a tie breaker, and therefore the point would have been awarded to Bangladesh and not to Sri Lanka. This would move Sri Lanka from a total of ten points to a total of nine points, out of the second place spot. Not only that, but an Ultimate Frisbee match between Iceland and Madagascar was misrecorded. According to Luke Gremban, referee of the game, “Iceland won.” But that is not what we find in the records. It clearly states that Madagascar won. There is a possibility that if Iceland receives their due points, they will now pass Sri Lanka, taking over second place.