Unprepared Hosts Offset Amazing Talent

By the Silent Observer

As I sat in the Atrium, waiting for the Talent Show to start, one of the thoughts that kept running through my brain was “I really hope this isn’t just music. I want to see some magic and some skits.” Then Jonathan Wassink started talking and I began to feel hope–until he introduced “Captain Canada” (Jon wasn’t even sure what his name was). Now, Captain Canada could have been a good addition to the Talent Show if he had been more prepared. More on that later. Thankfully interrupting this travesty was Grace Terrill who stunningly played her ukulele and sang. This performance came straight from her sweet heart which was evident through the song she sang. When she finished, she was met with screams of approval that she most definitely deserved. Captain Canada made some lame jokes about America which only Aimee found funny. Next was an unexpected piece from Daniel Hawkes. He rapped and sang to a great song which had everyone bopping their heads rhythmically. He ended to thunderous applause. Now you all know who was next: Captain Canada with his Canadian Leaf shield, held together by duct tape. I wish I could say the jokes were better, but they just seemed to be getting worse. The only thing that gave me hope was when Jon roasted the Canadians right back. Up next was Chris Staufer who made the cello sing with the beautiful Hungarian Rhapsody. The entire audience was captivated with breathless wonder as the notes rang through the air. As the last chord played, every single person jumped to their feet and gave an amazing standing ovation. Once again, Captain Canada took the stage and coughed up some polite jokes which he later apologized for. Because he’s Canadian. Faith Gordon momentarily took my mind off the pain by singing a powerful, clear, and astounding rendition of “On My Own” from Les Miserables. Her voice was full of feeling and emotion. The Canadian Captain returned. You see, what I don’t understand is the bulletproof vest he was wearing. Canadians don’t even own guns, do they? And when was the last time Canada was in a war? Is there even a need for this Canadian hero? Interrupting my musings was Emma De Nooy who delicately and beautifully danced for us. Although it was well choreographed and extremely well executed, I felt as if Emma could have given a more powerful and moving performance, taking her personality into account. Now back to Captain Canada. Does he have to make his living off of doing talent shows like these? It seems as if he is completely and utterly unneeded in his country of origin. Why would he receive any form of payment from them? Once again interrupting my thoughts, Ashley Shar approached the mic. Although timid at first, she stunningly projected “I Can’t Help Falling in Love” with such power and grace and that it took my breath away. I literally sat there with my mouth hanging open, in awe of her pure, raw talent. Blocking Captain Canada from my brain, I watched as Abby Sharath ran her fingers over the keys in an extremely skilled arrangement of “Jesus Freak” by DC Talk. I absolutely loved her style and her arrangement was out of this world. Every single note was a divinely appointed angel of grace. For one of the last roasting sessions of the night, Jon Wassink needed help. He brought up one of the locals to tell a joke for him, which turned out to be one of the funniest of the night. Maybe Jon should have had him co-host instead of Captain Canada… For the last act of the night, Brielle DeNooyer stunningly sang “You Say” by Lauren Daigle. Her performance brought chills to the audience as she wonderfully played the piano and sang flawlessly with it. Her song also correlated fantastically with the speaker’s message a few minutes before. For the last time, Jon and Captain Canada graced the stage to tell one last joke each. Which ended up being each other. To finish it off, Captain Canada taught all of us a canoeing song which I’m sure will be extremely beneficial for us in the future. In the end, I missed the variety that is usually present in these talent shows, but I loved how each and every participant seemed unified in music and encouraged each other to pursue greatness.