2019 Michigan Gubernatorial Field Wide Open

Parties race to replace Gov. Roderick Callahan

By The Leader Editorial Staff

As Governor Roderick F. Callahan’s term comes to a close, political parties have begun to hire staff in preparation for the expected bids of several gubernatorial candidates. Callahan is term-limited, leaving the field wide open for new contenders. Three parties in particular—Oak, Maple, and Willow—are rumored to have hired multiple campaign staff members. A number of candidates have expressed interest, including politicians, business leaders, and a presidential advisor. Rep. James Muffett has declined to run, stating that he intends to keep his seat in the House of Representatives and continue work on a landmark legislative package, details of which are slated to be released at a Monday afternoon press conference. Despite the under-the-radar approach taken by parties, plans are being set in place for a campaign debate that the LEAD News Network will host and broadcast on Wednesday, July 24th at Cleary University. Stay tuned for further details, campaign announcements, and the latest campaign coverage as Election Day approaches.