Gordon Plans To Improve Way Of Life

Taylor Gordon knows the difficulties of small businesses and wants to interact with and help the people on a personal level to improve the way of life in Michigan

By Samuel Mohn

The Maple party announced that they will not be holding a press conference, instead we interviewed party member Emma De Nooy to find out the reason they were not having a press conference and what their candidate is doing. In the interview, De Nooy explained they are not holding a press conference because, “Talk is cheap, but actions show who you really are and shows your character.” She also said, “Mr. Gordon is trying to devote his energy to interacting with the people, seeing what truly matters to them and what they are passionate about, and he’s really passionate about helping people, trying to improve Michigan’s way of life, and so we have decided that it would be best for Mr. Gordon to interact with the public, and personal interactions because those are really what he values most.” When asked if she felt they would be prepared for the debate on Wednesday despite not holding a press conference, De Nooy said they do feel prepared. De Nooy explained that their candidate, Taylor Gordon, is focusing on the issues of Budget Priorities, States’ rights or Tenth Amendment, and Arming Teachers in the public schools. Party member Gabriel Ruemenapp explained their candidates budget priorities issues. Ruemenapp said Gordon wants to spur economic growth by lowering taxes that affect businesses. He also wishes to save money to reduce the $33 billion debt the state has acquired, and wants to remove the ban that limits charter schools in the state. Charter schools benefit the state because the cost per student per year is $2,200 less than a public school. They also have much higher grad rates each year and if the ban is lifted, as is his plan, the state could save approximately $3.5 billion. De Nooy talked about Gordon’s views on state’s rights. Gordon is a strong believer of the Tenth Amendment and believes the importance of small government and states’ rights. What that means is that the powers not given to the federal government in the constitution is given to the states. On the issue of arming teachers, Gordon believes arming them with firearms is the most effective way to protect our children. Ruemenapp said Gordon is not forcing teachers to carry, but he simply wants schools to have the option to carry arms. Gordon does not wish to be an oppressive government; therefore, making it a choice for schools. Teachers must meet special requirements of training as well as background checks before carrying firearms in schools.