Why is Respect Important?


By Josh Schick

Respect, is defined in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as, “expressions of high or special regard and the quality or state of being esteemed,” but it is more than that. Respect is one of the necessary qualities of behavior that many people are lacking in today’s society. As technologies and services of all kinds have improved and evolved into the most sophisticated and most intelligent forms they have ever been, our attitudes seem to fall in the wrong direction. People are protesting and over using the right of freedom of speech to spread lies and misconceptions with anyone they can reach. This results in the opinions not just being explained but forced and pushed everywhere until the corruption of fake and twisted ideas is shared everywhere. Through the breakthroughs of all things that surround us today, and with all of our possessions improving, our patience and respect are sadly disappearing. Many small groups of people are trying to get their message out are turning our neighborhoods, citings, states, and countries away from the basic, flawless principles and guidelines set by God himself. Respect is the basic but invaluable attribute that this world is losing solely because everything is so fast, automated, and the productivity of products is incomparable, than simple respect and patience is ignored. The act of slowing down, taking a few seconds considering others’ problems before your own, as well as appropriately addressing authority and our leaders with the honor they deserve, is respect. Times have changed, and so has everything else, including the way we talk to others and about things we are passionate about. Christ gave us the fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Every one of the attributes is directly linked to or from respect. We need as christians, to set an example for the entire world, because we are the only, direct workers of our holy God. This means that we are the only light in this dark world that will ever been seen. As we walk through our lives with Christ, we need to reflect the ways he lived to every single person around us and bring back the quality of respect that this world so desperately needs.