Woodbridge Presents Stances

Campaign Staff for Gubernatorial Candidate Dr. Alex M. Woodbridge share positions

By Sarah Hou

On Tuesday morning, members of the Willow Party explained their candidate’s plans for the state of Mich. Their candidate, Dr. Alex M. Woodbridge, desires to balance the state budget and uphold the rights of the state and its people. Dr. Woodbridge’s plans for the budget include eliminating government fraud, release tax pension, and consolidate government agencies. They have yet to determine which agencies can be consolidated. Concerning the issue of crime, Dr. Woodbridge hopes to reinstate the death penalty, which will be limited only to criminals who have committed first degree murder and have been proven guilty by forensic evidence. She also stands in favor of compensating people who have been wrongfully imprisoned. Additionally, party members shared their candidate’s ideas for education. “There should be more choice in home schools and private schools,” party members said. Dr. Woodbridge also supports arming teachers in public schools. Finally, the party members said that Dr. Woodbridge wants to uphold the rights of the state. They said the state should have more power where the federal government does not necessarily have control. “It is up to the people to decide what they want,” said party member Isaac Gollapalli. Party members described Dr. Woodbridge as conservative, and they hope that more citizens will support her as their governor.