Campaign Horror Story

Members of the Willow Party tell us of an eerie moment in Tom Leonard’s campaign for state representative

By Lizzie Baker

The story started pleasantly. Tom Leonard was campaigning door-to-door, gaining votes to win the State Representative position in Michigan. After knocking on all the doors from his list, he decided to go to one door that was not on his list. Upon knocking on the door, a friendly man greeted him with a smile and invited him in for lunch. Leonard accepted the offer and followed the friendly man into his house. After a nice conversation, and a few bites of lunch, the man said to Leonard, “Say hello to Henry.” Leonard looked around but saw no one else in the house. Leonard was very confused and believed there was no one in the house, but the man persisted, “Don’t be rude, say hello to Henry.” After seeing the confused look on Leonard’s face, the man pointed behind Leonard. Leonard turned around and saw an old, ghostly doll in the corner of the room. The doll was holding a fishing pole that went into a hole, through the f loor. Leonard told this chilling story to Kaylee Mead, who passed the story on to all the party members this year. Remember: be careful when campaigning.