Election Results Detract from Talent Show Performances [Review]

By Camille Guillen

A talent show was held Thursday night, displaying varying levels of skill. Each presentation was beautiful. The hard work and preparation of the participants showed. The overall performance was redundant, offering only instrumental and vocal pieces with one exceptional dance act. Dancing to “Let it All Go,” by Birdy, Christy McDade astounded the audience with her smooth and connected movements. A rousing fiddle solo by Faith Duvendeck stopped the show with her lightning fast bowing. She held her technique and tempo throughout the song, and the piece included pleasantly surprising pizzicato. The piano solo, “Waterfalls,” by Hannah Lampert that opened the show was a popular favorite among audience members. “She rocked that song,” said Cambel Macklin, a fellow performer with multiple acts, “That was my favorite.” Between acts, the show was interrupted for a brief time while the hosts gave commentary and the progress from the gubernatorial election was announced. There was quite a bit of debate on whether or not the election results coming through during the talent show was helpful or distracting and unnecessary. Woodbridge pulled ahead before a cello performance by Nik Visscher. Visscher’s playing was rich and full, and he played a song that was recognized by many because of its popular arrangement by the Piano Guys. Humourous but extremely amateure interludes were provided by hosts Rebecca Bacon and Mandy Jaster. The talent show on a whole was a success.