Talent Show Brings a Refreshing Break From a Busy Week [Review]

By Mallory Ryan

Out of the many SSI LEAD talent shows I have attended, Thursday night’s show was by far one of the best. I had the pleasure to sit in the audience and listen to several musical pieces, although I did miss out on having the comic relief acts as seen in the past. We did have some unique hosts this year, who wore many different hats throughout the show, literally. The hosts in my opinion played some roles better than others, but I give them a hand for going the extra mile to make the audience laugh. My personal favorite act was the duet of “All I Ask of You” sung by Dakota Barnes and Josh Price, with the piano accompaniment of Aimee Chauvin. These performers blew the audience away with your voices and their presentation, they not only sang but acted the song out as well. The duo played off each and worked well together. Nik Visscher played “Prelude” on the cello which was satisfying to listen to. The is one of my personal favorites and therefore I enjoyed it all the more. I was given instant chills when I heard the voice of Hannah Lampert singing “Memories.” Lampert was able to beautifully hit all the different dynamics of her song. More of a unique yet amazing talent was the lyrical dance, “Let It All Go” done by Christy McDade. She was expressive and passionate throughout the entire act. As a fellow dancer I enjoyed this very much. Faith Duvemdeck & Cambel Macklin shared a violin duet of “Holy, Holy, Holy.” Both girls were very into the music and did justice to the old hymn we all know and love. Each girl also played a solo on the violin. Macklin played a unique and calming piece, “Ashokan Farewell.” Duvemdeck chose a fun song, “Millionaire’s hoedown,” putting everyone in the mood to dance. The audience enjoyed her great plucking skills. I also enjoyed Hannah Wong’s piano song, “Waterfall.” This song took me on a dramatic and flowing ride. One final act we heard was “Be Thou My Vision” by Cambel Macklin and Nik Visscher. They played more of an uncommon version of the classic hymn, and still complimented each other well. Throughout the talent show we also heard updates on the governor election. This caused greater suspense and allowed brief breaks from the musical performances.