Woodbridge Elected Governor

Gubernatorial campaign comes to a close with Willow party victory

By Sarah Hou

On Thursday evening, Alex M. Woodbridge was declared the new governor of the state of Michigan. Earlier that day, the citizens of Michigan headed to the polls to cast their vote in the Gubernatorial election. There were three candidates: Alex M. Woodbridge, Taylor S. Gordon, and Pat W. Porter. 48% of citizens voted for Woodbridge. 36% supported Gordon, and 16% supported Porter. Woodbridge, receiving the highest number of votes, was elected as the new governor of Michigan. Alex M. Woodbridge, a professional physician and Vietnam War veteran, has numerous plans that will help mend Michigan. She plans to reduce the state income tax, allow public school teachers to arm themselves, reinstate the death penalty in cases of first degree murder, and give monetary compensation to people who have been wrongfully imprisoned. Through these plans, Woodbridge aims to boost the economy, protect children, and uphold justice. She firmly believes in the rights of the state and cares deeply about the people of Michigan. When asked about how they felt after the election, members of the Willow party agreed that they felt relieved and happy. “I’m glad it’s over. But it was good; it was really fun,” said finance manager Rebecca Hundt. Her fellow party member, Grace Anne Rosbury, agreed and said she felt “so relieved.” When she was asked what helped the Willow party win, she replied, “It wasn’t so much convincing people about Woodbridge’s views than it was distinguishing her from the other candidates, since the candidates had similar views.” Party members declared that getting out and talking to people was the most essential part that helped them win. When asked about what the Willow party would do next, party member Grace Anne Rosbury responded, “We plan to sleep.”