About the LEAD News Network

Welcome to the LEAD News Network! If you like what you are seeing and want to learn more about the Student Statesmanship Institute, our LEAD summer camp, and our mission, you can visit ssionline.org.

If you’re already familiar with SSI LEAD, then you know that it’s a week long summer leadership program where high school-aged students role play as members of the legislature, a multi-million dollar business team, trial or appellate attorneys, or as part of a campaign team. These are all simulations of course, but students who apply and are accepted to the Media Track find themselves members of a real newspaper or broadcast team. They cover events around campus, and their work appears here on the official website of the LEAD News Network.

LEAD Michigan is the flagship camp run by the Student Statesmanship Institute in Howell, MI. LEAD Minnesota (put on by Minnesota Family Council) occurs once a week every summer in St. Paul, MN, and LEAD Iowa is hosted by The Family Leader in Des Moines, IA.

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